Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Slam-mestari Jouko Saksio on laatinut myös englanniksi tiedotetta, josta selviää sekin, että Oulun SM-karsinta järjestetään 21.8. PSK-baarissa.

Kirjallisuustapahtuma Kirjakantin Äänirunoudesta taas löytyy tietoa Leevi Lehdon uusilta nettisivuilta täältä.

"In August 30, Huutomerkki ry (www.huutomerkki.fi) produces the 9th Poetry Slam Finnish Final in the restaurant Amarillo at Oulu centre. The Final is scheduled here for the First time. Last year in town Kuopio the two best poets arrived from Oulu, thus one of them, Jouko Saksio, is headed now a serial two-time Finnish champion in Poetry Slam from year 2006 and 2007.

Poetry Slam can also be sound and sonic performance the way that anyone is allowed to take part to this occasion whatever lingual background. Each of the competitors have maximum 3 minutes to perform the poem without instrumental means. This year the eliminating matches tending Oulu Final are foundable from an e-address:runokukko.blogspot.com. The Oulu "elimination" is kept in the bar PSK Kaupunni, 21st of August. Thirty minutes until contest the competitors are expected to be attend as to perform.

Mr. Marc Kelly Smith started this "friendly-fire" poetry genre in 1984. The "event" is known in 50 countries. The World Cup was launched in Bobigny, France, year 2007. The American slammers have been succeeded the first twice until now."

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